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The Blog Has Moved (Again!)

Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 11.13.15 AM I’m switching things up. I’ve created a new site ( to serve as a hub for Twitter, Instagram, and other social media and projects.

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Newsletter Design

This is a newsletter I concepted and designed for Twinlab while I worked in their marketing department. They never ended up going with a newsletter, but either way I’m still proud of this one, especially since I’m not a designer … Continue reading

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Athlete, Soldier, Officer, Bodyguard

When you think of Ray Lewis, you don’t think of bodyguards. After all, what protection could anyone possibly offer the 12-time Pro Bowl-er that he couldn’t provide himself? But if you were pressed to choose someone to fill the role … Continue reading

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New Tumblr page

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My First Major PR Achievement

My career shift from journalism to marketing hasn’t been so much of a transition as it has a broadening of my skills and interests. I still write original editorial content; it’s just not the only thing I do anymore.  One … Continue reading

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Muscle Food: Joe Manganiello

This month,  Muscle and Fitness magazine features Joe Manganiello, the shape-shifting werewolf from HBO’s hit show True Blood, on its cover. Actors are required to alter their physiques for demanding roles all the time, but I think that Joe’s taken … Continue reading

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Boxing Training: What To Expect

Some of my friends have recently started taking up boxing. This has got me thinking about my own experience with boxing training. Last year, writing for Men’s Fitness, I set off on a mission to write a first-person boxing story. … Continue reading

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