Boxing Training: What To Expect

Some of my friends have recently started taking up boxing. This has got me thinking about my own experience with boxing training. Last year, writing for Men’s Fitness, I set off on a mission to write a first-person boxing story. Long story short, the facility where I was training decided that a feature in a national magazine wasn’t in their interest, and my (free, private) lessons were cut. Regardless, I blogged about each class, and was able to share all the details of my training. In my short time at the gym I realized that boxing training was very different from what I had expected, and it really opened up my eyes to the world of functional fitness (My trainer would joke about how I looked like an athlete but couldn’t balance my own body weight… Hard to argue with that when you can’t stand still on a balance board). I’ve put links to my training blog posts below. If you’re interested in boxing, or are curious about what a typical training session looks like, check them out.

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

And no, the irony of the last entry’s title was not lost on me.

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