idea #3 – would you sell your birthday?

Gripping headline right? But seriously, would you? Here’s where I’m going with this…

Yesterday was my birthday. And as happens every year to most active Facebook users, those 24 hours brought in an ungodly amount of traffic to my Facebook page. Over 50 comments, more messages and probably a bunch more views. A virtual flash mob of like-minded, like-aged individuals all in one place. Sounds like a marketer’s dream, right?

So what would you do if Apple sent you a “Happy Birthday” package with an iPad and $200 iTunes Store credit in exchange for putting the apple logo in your profile picture for 24 hours? Maybe you send your profile pic to Apple and they insert it into a “Happy Birthday from Apple” template and return it to you to upload onto your page.

Is it worth it? Will your friends think less of you? Will you care (while you read their comments on your shiny new iPad)?

There’s another variation of this idea, and one that I’m surprised hasn’t been picked up.

Have you ever bought a Facebook ad? If you haven’t, it’s unreal. You can choose EXACTLY who will see it by using filters like age, interests, key words, etc., etc.. It’s stupidly easy to do and doesn’t cost much at all. The problem is that everyone does it.

So, imagine if for an additional fee you could partition a percentage of your ad credit for “Birthdays ads.” In other words, rather than your ad being seen all over Facebook by 25-year-old males who like soccer, it sets up camp on the profile of one popular 25-year-old male who likes soccer for the duration of his birthday.

Maybe there’s a pricing hierarchy based on the number of friends that a profile needs to have in order to be included in the campaign, like 1-1,000, 1,001-5,000 and so on.

Facebook already knows when all of our birthdays are. And with 500 million users I imagine there are more than a few birthdays each day.


UPDATE: Scrap that…

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