I Have A Dream (App for Shoppers)

By Dean Stattmann

Lately I’ve been coming up with a lot of ideas. For iphone apps. For websites. For how to set the clock on my microwave. Okay, I haven’t got a clue about the last one. But I do have some ideas that I think should be real things and since I’m not a developer I figured it couldn’t hurt to put my ideas out there and maybe someone will pick one or two up. Here’s one:

My latest idea is for a mobile shopping app. Imagine an app that, when you tap it, displays a map a la Google Maps. Like Maps, it has various layers you can apply to the map (satellite, 3d, etc) but the most important one (let’s call it StoreView) introduces a color overlay, showing every single store (ANY place that makes money by selling a product – clothes, food, etc) as highlighted in a certain color on the map, depending on the genre that the store falls into. But that’s just the beginning. The real functionality of the app is in the user’s ability to tap any store on the map and be instantly transported to its online store, still within the interface of the app. Scroll through items organized by price, genre, color or various other categories depending on the type of store. The same would be true of restaurants that offer take-out/delivery. I also imagine that there would be a sign-in component that would enable the user to create an account, sign in to the app and then have their credit card info already locked and loaded for any purchase through the app. Lastly, the app would connect to your email account to manage your receipts, as well as track your orders as they make their way to you. There is also a lot of room for social integration and features like product review and recommend to a friend.

So someone go do that and meet me back here.

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