Truth of the Legend
Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons
“Attribution 3.0”


Here’s a video clip I put together for Twinlab using footage of Twinlab Fuel bodybuilder Todd Jewell. I’ve done basic editing before, but this was a challenge for two reasons. The first is that this was my first “corporate” video, which means that I had to rummage through the internet for royalty-free music to avoid getting sued, as opposed to a personal video where I could just rip a track off my iPod and no one would really care. The second was the watermark at bottom right. It took me almost two hours to figure this part out – to get an image, not text, to appear throughout the clip – but I eventually found the answer in Photoshop and Quicktime Pro.

And as usual, while many of these clips were recorded in HD, I couldn’t figure out how to keep them that way once uploaded to the web. If anyone knows how to do this I’m all ears.

Read more about Todd here, and click here for the QnA where he tells the awesome story about how he got his nickname.

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