Your Own Newspaper

By Dean Stattmann

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your Twitter feed, like there simply isn’t enough time to follow every link and read every article, check out This new site offers a FREE service that displays content from your tweets, as well as the tweets of everyone you follow, in newspaper format, essentially turning your Twitter feed into a manageable, easy-to-browse online daily. I.e. if you follow CNN, and CNN posts a link to Twitter, will fetch the article from that link and stick it on your page. Pages update automatically every 24 hours and you can even promote your page by hitting the handy “Promote It” button to instantly post a link to Twitter.

I think this site is great. For now. Now doubt it’s going to get old and people will eventually realize that a lot of what comes through their Twitter feed isn’t worth their time anyway. The key to a tight, [relevant] information-rich page would be to cut the fat off the people you follow. Then again, I think Kevin Smith’s tweets are funny as hell, so forgetaboutit.

What would make really cool would be the ability to compose and post original content to your page, basically like what I’m doing right now as I write this. That way, you add value to your page, and not just the Twitter users who are promoted through it. The ability to edit entries would be a plus too. Right now the editor’s office is locked from the inside, and there’s no one in there.

Create your own page here

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