Twinlab Performance Beach Fitness Challenge at AVP Hermosa Beach Open

By Dean Stattmann

Over the weekend of July 17, Twinlab celebrated the Hermosa Beach Open, one of the largest events of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, with the opening of Performance Beach, an interactive fitness-oriented activity space for attendees to test their athleticism and experience Twinlab products in a sporty and competitive setting. I flew down to Hermosa Beach to oversee the event – my first large-scale project for the company –  and also stand in as “referee” for Performance Beach.

Taking a contestant through the vertical jump test. Scroll down for event photo gallery.

Before Friday, Twinlab’s presence in Sponsor Village – the area surrounding the AVP courts – had relied solely on the Institute of Abs – Twinlab’s national best abs competition – which operated out of a 10’x10’ tent. The new setup, which debuted on Friday, July 16 at Hermosa Beach, CA, brought in an additional 30’x30’ tent – the arena for Performance Beach – plus another 10’x10’ tent for a sample bar or “Fuel Station.”

The interactive nature of Performance Beach is what makes it stand out from the masses of cookie-cutter, product-dumping sponsors inhabiting Sponsor Village. Attendees sign up by filling out a waiver and are then lead into the arena where they encounter three stations. The first is a speed test. Starting out in one corner of the tent, the contestant must navigate a three-cone speed drill in the shortest time possible. The next station is a balance challenge. The contestant balances on one leg on a bosu ball and attempts to squat down and touch the sand as many times as possible in thirty seconds. The final station is a vertical test. Contestants position themselves beneath a vertical jump apparatus with movable plastic vanes before leaping upwards to tap the highest vane possible. All three scores are recorded and an overall score is calculated using a simple formula. Top male and female scores are displayed on a leader board, and a prize – a 1-lb bag of 100% Whey Protein Fuel – is awarded to the leaders each hour, at which point the board is wiped clean and a new cycle begins. Regardless, every single contestant, upon completion of the activity, receives a complimentary Twinlab shaker bottle and is instructed to present it at the Fuel Station where they will receive a full serving of 100% Whey Protein Fuel in a flavor of their choice.

Getting love from - We were hard to miss.

The Fuel Station, located in a tent of its own in between Performance Beach and the Institute of Abs, provides attendees with an opportunity to sample any flavor of 100% Whey Protein Fuel – served in 4-oz branded paper cups – and take home sample packs of Nitric Fuel and Ripped Fuel 5X to pair with their own workouts. They can also browse Fuel brochures, take a promo card for the AVP Protein Power Pack and quiz Fuel Station servers on the products on display. In addition to 100% Whey Protein Fuel, Nitric Fuel and Ripped Fuel 5X, the Fuel Station also features product displays for Amino Fuel, Creatine Fuel, Glutamine Fuel and Mass Fuel Extreme.

The Institute of Abs also underwent a makeover with the unveiling of a brand new tent and crisp signage including, but not limited to, a double-sided banner stand that sits three feet in front of the tent and diverts traffic inside. Attendees can enter the Institute of Abs competition on the spot by having their picture taken in front of a recurring-logo backdrop. Twinlab temporary tattoos are also doled out to passers-by.

In addition to the main tent structures, Twinlab’s improved presence in sponsor village comes with an array of valuable extras, such as eight branded Durafly flags that tower above spectators and can be seen from any spot in Sponsor Village. In total, the area is run by eight staff members, including a tour manager, who also functions as emcee, and a Performance Beach referee. All staff members are in top physical shape and accurately represent the brand.

Challenge yourself at Twinlab’s Performance Beach at any of the remaining AVP tour stops:

  • July 24-25: Long Beach, CA
  • August 14-15: San Francisco, CA
  • August 20-22: Manhattan Beach, CA
  • August 27-29: Chicago, IL
  • September 3-5: Cincinnati, OH
  • September 17-19: Hermosa Beach, CA

Event Photos:

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