raw strength in watchung, nj

Last month I took the train to Watchung, New Jersey with Sean Hyson, the fitness editor at Men’s Fitness magazine, to train at Renegade Gym, a hardcore strength and conditioning gym owned by strength-training guru and all-round badass Jason Ferruggia. If that wasn’t enough, we brought along Jon Hinds, another fitness industry superstar (his dad invented the jump-rope as we know it) and owner of Monkey Bar Gym in Madison, WI. 

The whole point of the day was to see Sean, a good friend of mine who was nearing the end of a 30-pound weight-loss spree, squat 405 pounds and set a new personal record (PR). I was just excited to be there. Renegade is nothing like the gym that you likely go to. There are no machines. No water fountains. There definitely isn’t a smoothie bar. I mean it’s pretty much just a room with a couple heavy things lying around. But if you’re trying to get jacked, there simply isn’t a better place.

Renegade is fueled by the energy of its members. Every workout is a group effort. When you’re not lifting, you’re cheering on your buddy (who you just met five minutes ago) to crank out one last rep. When you are lifting, you are the most focused person in the world. Everyone wants you to succeed. So you do. 

Check out this short video, currently featured on mensfitness.com, and see what I’m talking about. Oh, and they have tug-o-war. Does your gym have tug-o-war?

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