modelling spot in may issue of SHAPE

I’m not claiming to be a model. Probably because I’m not one. Regardless, if you pick up the current issue of SHAPE magazine (May 2010; cover: Ellen DeGeneres) you can check out another (see video below) of my rare appearances. It’s part of the issue’s “How To Wear White” fashion feature and was shot in an enormous loft/gallery/former-apartment(!) in Manhattan. The model (I wish I could remember her name) was gorgeous and from Germany; we had fun with my broken German while we worked on getting this shot. In case you’re wondering, I’m buying expensive art while wearing an even more expensive suit. The thing was so tight I couldn’t even bend down to tie my own shoelaces… That’s how you know it’s good.

This next one… well, I still have no idea what it is. I think it played in NYC during the last Fashion Week, but who knows. Anyway, this is what happens when you have friends in PR. You get called up at 10am on a Saturday morning and told to throw on a suit, jump in a cab and bolt over to the Lower West Side so you can “do something really cool.” Turns out, in this case, “something really cool” meant playing an extra in a video set to JET’s ‘She’s a Genius’ while hanging out with model Coco Rocha, which is, well, really cool. Of course, being the only dude there without an agent felt awkward (“who are you with?” “oh, no one. I came alone.”) but whatever, I had a good time.

I only come in a little over half-way. First I’m the guy opening the rope at the beginning of the club scene and you can see me again right after that as one of the two masked ‘handlers,’ as they called us, that escorts Coco through the club. What you don’t see in this video is that the first designer’s white shirt is really mine (I thought the fashion industry was supposed to have its own clothes), but more importantly, the insanely flamboyant, jungle-themed shirt I had to wear in exchange while the dude finished his scene.

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