save a life today

Check out the little badge on my blog’s sidebar. See it? It’s called SocialVibe and it’s a way to be charitable without spending a cent. I’ve chosen Blood: Water Mission, which helps provide underprivileged children with clean water, as my charity.

Clicking on the badge immediately brings up six tasks (each one take less than 10 seconds to complete). When you complete tasks, corporate sponsors donate money on your behalf. If you complete the bonus task, you get to help out another cause of your own choosing.

just click it. You might be responsible for saving someone’s life.

Read more about SocialVibe here.

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1 Response to save a life today

  1. Mike Lenda says:

    Hi there- I just came across this site – thank you so much for your support of Blood:Water Mission and for encouraging others to join you in your support. We are always amazed at the creativity of others. We are so thankful for your passion in partnership.

    Mike Lenda
    US Programs Director
    Blood:Water Mission

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