Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes

Paper WingsBy Dean Stattmann

So you think you can throw a good paper plane, huh? Ok. What about the best paper plane in the world?

Whether in class or just for fun, we’ve all folded a piece of paper and thrown it at some point in our lives. But this year, the good folks at Red Bull are taking the other national pastime all the way, and searching for the world’s best paper plane pilot.

As one of many qualiflyer rounds taking place around the world (yea, qualiflyer), Red Bull will be at Coles on Friday, April 3, seeking out NYU’s most talented pilots.

Registration starts at 6pm and the event will run until around 8pm with all materials supplied on site.

Judges will assess each throw with three criteria: Distance, hang-time and acrobatics. So even if you suck, a totally unintentional triple backflip barrel-roll mctwist could land you a spot in the finals. Just go with it.

And if you do happen to make it through, get ready because the competition doesn’t end in New York. Red Bull will fly the best US pilots, all expenses paid, to Salzburg, Austria, where they will compete with the cream of the paper-tossing crop for the number one spot.

So for now, your job is easy. Get to Coles by 6pm on Friday April, 3, throw a paper plane and await your destiny.

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