SoHo Needs More Clothing Stores – Topshop To The Rescue


By Dean Stattmann

A rickety old van pulled up outside New York University’s Weinstein dining hall at noon today to give away free promotional gear from renowned British retailer Topshop. Wait, what? That’s right. After over a year and a half of rumors, the fashionable giant from across the pond will leap right into its brand new home on Broadway and Broome St.

SoHo is so incredibly New York, yet anyone walking around this retail mecca for the first time would have a hard time placing themselves. Any international designer worth mentioning is represented in this tiny quarter of lower Manhattan and TopShop has finally decided to follow suit.

The new store will feature British designers like Jonathan Saunders and Preen, as well as a Kate Moss boutique, where Moss’ line will be displayed four times a year, reported The New York Observer. The store is expected to contend heavily with retailers like Zara and H&M (What’s GAP?), while bringing a fresh, haphazard British chic to the scene.

“We know that in New York there are a lot of brands offering great basics,” a Topshop spokesperson said. “So ours will be a little more fashion-heavy, more fashion specialties per square meter in a way. We don’t buy huge bulk of any one style, we don’t buy millions or even hundreds of thousands; we might buy 5,000 or we might buy 50.”

So there you have it. Doors open on Thursday, April 2, and if you plan on being there, I’d arrive early. On the other hand, if you’re not interested (and you value your life) I would suggest maintaining a safe distance from what is sure to be a stampede of Lion King proportions.

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  1. you were ahead of the times on this one! thanks for the scoop.

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