Photos Published on Front Page of Washington Square News


After yesterday’s photojournalism class, I left NYU’s journalism department to find two firetrucks and an emergency Con Ed vehicle cluttered around a smoking manhole. Camera already in hand, I started snapping. Minutes later, a Washington Square News reporter is on the scene. “Are you with WSN?,” she asked. “Nope,” I replied. “Any idea who I could talk to around here?” “Yeah there are a couple NYPD guys the other side. They’d probably know what’s going on.”

As she turned to leave, I figured I may as well try get something out of my shots. “Hey, I mean, if you need any photos to go with your article, here’s my email adress…

Later that night, I got an email from WSN’s continuous news editor asking if he could see the frames. An hour later they were on flickr and I heard nothing more.

This morning I arrived at the journalism department at 9 a.m. once more for another reporting class. Eyes blurry, I rounded the corner past the camp of administrators and glanced down upon a fresh stack of papers and noticed two familiar photos. That was easy.


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1 Response to Photos Published on Front Page of Washington Square News

  1. Dave Alvarez says:

    As per your comment on my student film…

    Nope. That was my single, and probably last film. I shouldn’t say never, maybe I’ll get back into it- but the whole editing process (which I actually found most enjoyable) was grueling and tiresome.

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